Corporate Wellness

What solutions can MANYFIT offer your organization?

  • Design individualized wellness programs for employees based on their needs
  • Offer consultancy in areas of Return To Work
  • Hold workshops for HR and Management on implementing wellness in organization development
  • Conduct on-site group fitness classes
  • Corporate discounts for private one-on-one personal training or group training offsite
  • Hold/ conduct informative seminars to educate employees on varying subjects of wellness

Why invest in corporate wellness?

  • ↑productivity of employees, ↑return on investment due to increased employee efficiency
  • ↓ turn over, ↓absenteeism, ↓medical care costs
  • Employees feel valued by their employers and upper management
  • ultimately leads to SUCCESS

All scopes/ sizes of business are welcome.

Referrals are available for employee-specific needs for: Physiotherapy, Chiropractic Medicine, Registered Massage Therapy, Nutrition & Chiropody.

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