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MANYFIT Solutions is leading self-empowerment fitness MOVEment and I personally want YOU to join.

It is time for all of us to take control of our health and steer it in the right direction. We only get one life in one body so it is our responsibility to ensure that we live it through an active/ healthy lifestyle.

Deciding to make the lifestyle change and committing to it is the biggest part. Start now. Commit to eating well and exercising. Fitness is a science- if you put in the effort, remain disciplined to a schedule and apply the right techniques you will get results.  However, only you can make that decision. Only you can say “I Am The Solution”. The only thing you will have to lose is poor health. Taking this challenge will not only advance your physical health and reduce your risk of disease but it will also improve your mental health. You will see the outcome of hard work and have long lasting confidence to tackle anything else in your life.

No matter who you are, your level of experience, or how you feel about yourself, you can do it. It is not about being successful overnight. It is about becoming your biggest and only competition one step at a time. It is about committing to hard work and iron will. Your future self will live long enough to thank you for making this decision today. Your decision can also inspire those around you as they watch you strive to better yourself. Every effort you make to change your life counts – remember “anything is better than nothing”. Stop pushing your start date to “tomorrow” take the challenge now and change your life.

As a way to publicly declare your commitment, MANYFIT Solutions has shirts to symbolize your decision to make a lifestyle change or to work harder on the fitness journey you have already started. Join the cause, make a stand today and scream out loud “I Am The Solution”!


Don’t forget to take a picture and tag us @manyfitsol #IAmTheSolution. Congratulations and go get ’em!

-Tsitsi Pena


“For Your Mind Body & Goals”